One More Shot

One more shot is all you need
No more close realities
No more jelly illnesses
No more gravy sunny beams
And you fly above the sky
And you want to see the light
But the only daemons eye
Only stearing me behind

Spitting out
Spitting in
Spitting out
The bloody pin

Wanna find the last way out
Wanna be the first one out
Wanna feel the muddy breath
Wanna neat and tidy death
Tell me Gallow whereve you been
Tell me Gallow whatve you seen
Its the shining gloomy sky
Its the cause of your despite

Youll never be one of us
Cause you make us feel disgust
We want more and you want less
You will always be a mess
Go away and close the door
That is the end of the war
Kill yourself, but save the soul
Gallows going to the pole.