Long Ago

Long ago
I was walking in the snow,
And the crow
was flying over my head.
Cold and wet
I was lying in my bed,
Nothing left,
but dreaming of
never-ending love.
All my friends
went away, but never ends
The song.
Oh, farewell, so long!
Noone knows
where he comes from and where he goes,
I suppose Im close
To overdose.

I want to make you feel,
What does it mean to live (2)

All night long
Im waiting for the dawn,
Me and you and moon
Of early June.
Every night
Im sitting without light
On the roof.
Thats truth of our youth.
Nothing left,
But to sit here and to laugh,
I dont know
Why should I go
To the world below.
All things,
All the dreams Ive ever seen,
All I wish comes true,
Here on the roof.