Love Is a Cure

Believe me now I’m here
I look at you to guide you, dear
Believe me I will keep you safe
In spite of difficulties may appear
The sun which’s shining in your heart
Will guide you through the darkest night

Each time I see you in the street
I wanna run or hide somewhere
I try to speak but I can’t breath
I fear but feel that it’s forever
These painful days will go away
And only joyful ones will stay

Surrender now, leave hate behind
I will show you the way don’t hide
All those emotions and despair
That making echoes in the air

All comes and goes in a life
All days are turning black to white
The feelings that you’ve had to bear
Will disappear if you dare

You’re strong enough to go on life
This alley isn’t so damn blind
You will be guided but before
Remember please: Love is a cure

Рекламне оголошення