Time is money
Were living and running.
Im away from my girl
So Ill message my Honey.

Ill tell her my worries and my expectations
I send smses full of temptation!

Shes getting the message
Shes sending me smileys
My womans amazing,
Her dresses are stylish.

Shes driving me nuts!
I forget all my sorows
I send her my love. I will see her tomorrow!


There is virtual love, electronic romancing,
Interenet to provide anything you may fancy.
You got sex on the phone, porno sites and B-movies
But these innovations dont move me!

Our love is alive.
Im in love with a human.
I recall every moment Ive lived with my woman.
The wonderful looks and her magical aura...
Im dying to see Her
I wait til tomorrow, wow-oo-wow-a-a-a

Until tomorrow, until tomorrow