Way To Babylon

Wind is in my Hair,
Riding to nowhere,
I dont wanna stop
In this Town of hope.
Riding on my Wheels
Far from Leather Queens,
Got no Place to hide
Just Highway to ride.

Hard Beat in my Brain,
(I) feel no Sun and Rain,
Doing Mile by Mile
Its old n heavy Style.
Smell of Gasoline
Leads to my Dream,
Dream of Babylon
Place where I was grown.

Dont try to catch my dirty soul
Its on the way to Babylon, yeah.

Now Im almost there,
Riding to nowhere,
Asking High Blue Sky:
"Why I have to die?"
Wind is in my hair,
Riding to nowhere,
I just wanna pray,
I just wanna stay.

You almost caught my dirty soul
Youre on your way to Babylon.

Youve caught and raped my holy soul
Youll never get to Babylon...

Time is wasted,
Dreams are hatred,
All because of me.