Way To Babylon

Wind is in my Hair,
Riding to nowhere,
I don’t wanna stop
In this Town of hope.
Riding on my Wheels
Far from Leather Queens,
Got no Place to hide –
Just Highway to ride.

Hard Beat in my Brain,
(I) feel no Sun and Rain,
Doing Mile by Mile –
It’s old n’ heavy Style.
Smell of Gasoline
Leads to my Dream,
Dream of Babylon –
Place where I was grown.

Don’t try to catch my dirty soul –
It’s on the way to Babylon, yeah.

Now I’m almost there,
Riding to nowhere,
Asking High Blue Sky:
"Why I have to die?"
Wind is in my hair,
Riding to nowhere,
I just wanna pray,
I just wanna stay.

You almost caught my dirty soul –
You’re on your way to Babylon.

You’ve caught and raped my holy soul –
You’ll never get to Babylon...

Time is wasted,
Dreams are hatred,
All because of me.

Рекламне оголошення