One Day

Im sitting on the window and thinking of rain
While the sun shines so bright.
Im lazy, Im crazy and I dont know why
I was alone this night.
This winter is cutting my soul to the end,
And covers it with its snow.
And I disappear in this frosty smoke,
But youll always know...

One day for the hope,
One day for the truth,
One day for the flowers to grow
To pick them for you.

One day for the song
To sing all my sins,
One day for the youth
To wear my old jeans.

If you wanna die just wait for me,
If you wanna cry I want your tears to be
(So) sweet as teenage kiss
Which lasts till death,
And give me no reason to miss
The taste of your breath.

One day for the war
To kill all my fears,
One day for the rain
To wash out all bad deals.

One day for the life,
And one for a prayer,
One day to say goodbye
And never come here again.