Martha did you feel?
Martha did you know?
Martha did you ever
Want to stay alone?
For settle your feelings.
For settle your life.
To choose your own way
Through patches in time.

You can do
You can do
You can do this...

Little beat emo
Little beat punk
Little beat skinhead
Little beat funk

You’re a little beat beautiful
Little beat bored
Little beat passionate
You’re a little beat closed

But this is your own qualities
And no one can stop you from being yourself

– girl with the name
And no one have the right
That you need to change – with your own qualities
And only you – with your own qualities

Martha little student

Does anybody tell you
Does anybody know this

Living you own life
Without looking forward
Without looking back
Without simple answers
Without strange deals

But does it good for you
I don’t know for sure
You need to settle you ways
Without wasting time
Without every one every one
You can’t change your life

Рекламне оголошення