Play, Musician

Дикі танці! (8)
Будуть дикі танці!

Play a song for me, my darling,
Play for me, musician.
I shan’t go to show business
For the recognition.
You’d be playing, you’d be playing,
I would sing with passion.
All the world could hear this music
With the great impression.

Should my mood become so bully
We will sing together.
When good people come to party
We’ll be dancing further.
When we find a classy master,
Who can lay the table,
We shall dance the hot wild dances,
We are so much able.
Don’t you sway – control your breathing
Look at me, it’s very easy.
Play the song and stop your teasing...

Дикі танці! (2)

When I think of dateless customs
And of old traditions,
There were songs and crazy dances
And without conditions.
Play this song for me, my darling,
Let them heat my singing.
I give twenty points to Britney,
My voice will be ringing.


Будуть дикі танці!
Дикі танці!

Play this song for me, my darling,
Make all people stare.
We could win a million dollars,
But I wouldn’t care.
Don’t be cool with me, musician,
You don’t get the chances,
You can go away, my darling,
No more songs22, no dances.

Дикі танці! (2)

Play this song for me, my darling,
Let us feel the fire,
Let the people dance together
Jumping even higher.
Let the music reach the heavens,
Let the stars be violent.
When the morning stops these sounds,
Then we shall be silent...

Будуть дикі танці! (4)

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