Please Be Mine

You and I,
Like one and zero,
You and I,
Like a tears and pillow,
Are so different, but we’re going near, save me,
You and I,
Like a wave and water,
You and I,
Like a son and daughter,
Cannot live without your love
I love you baby

Please, be mine forever
Please, don’t say, that never
Our love can be so bright like mooning shine
Please, be mine my darling
Please, be mine, I’m crying
For your love, cause I need you
Oh please, be mine

You and I,
Like a sand and ocean,
Tell me why,
You’ve lost devotion,
Only you belong to me and I’m your lady,
Please, forget,
All foolish sorrows,
Think about,
A sweet tomorrow,
Love you more than words can say
You are my baby

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