You... youll never make my dreams come true
But I dont feel sorry bout you
I hate my life and I wanna die
But I know that you are not gonna cry
You think that its all about sex
And try to guess what will be next
Will I break it up or I wont
Even though that you love me so hot

I dont know what to do
Where to go not to see you
You think its ok to send me away
But Im gonna wait you again and again

Teach me to share my love with you
I want it
Be my sky, be my mind
I want you

I... I saw you with him tonight
I know youre together so bright
Im dying and I cannot breathe
Why the hell do you do it for me?
You know him much less than you think
And that is the reason I drink
I hate you and I wanna die
Burn in hell but Im not gonna cry.