Hasta la Vista

Dont try to deny,
I can see in your eyes
All the love youd like
To hide away.
So dont cry, say goodbye,
And go on with your lies,
I know you are mine
Youll come back someday...

Hasta la Vista, baby,
Baby, so long,
Hasta la Vista, baby,
Oh, girl, you are so wrong... (2)

Cant you see the signs
I am yours,
You are mine,
You are saying goodbye,
I know you are... (2)
Just dont try add your lie
To the voice of you heart,
The tears in your eyes
Are so bright how stars...

You want to go,
You said goodbye,
Youd like to fly
Up to the sky,
But I dont know,
So tell me why
You almost cried
Just tell me why...

Hasta la Vista (2)


You are so...

Hasta la Vista (2)