The Gate

Hi, I know u want me to die
And I dont know why
Im making such a mess
Older, yeah I got
Little older
I blame you
Made me who I am I guess
You made me who I am I guess

They call it "reasons"
When u suddenly change your mind
They call it destiny
Those two minutes that will crash our life

You always saw in me
One of those heroes from the movie
One of those perfect guys
They just dont exist

Damn, follow your own rules
You say we all should forgive
I see my fiends here
Oh, wont u let me in?

U always lied to me
Telling its the way how you take care
U made me live but never told me,
How to be alive

Im not guilty great Lord,
Im not guilty, Sir

Its just voices in my head
They dont let me go to bed
They all tell me what to do
They just want me to be dead

Oh please tell its just a test
God, I swear I will confess
Please just tell me what to do
Can I make for u a cuss?

I thought I spent a perfect life
I thought I can pass this exam
And now Im standing over here
And looking on the closing gates