Wont Get Tired

Im fed up with my TV set
Im fed up with the internet
Im fed up with the Hollywood shit
But still theres something I wouldnt quit

I can quit cleaning teeth
I can quit wiping ass
I can get bored of the life and the death
But Ill sing this song heres what it says

When I need a thrill
I wont take no pill
And when I need a shock
Im just gonna rock

And I wont get tired
No I wont get tired
Well I wont get tired
No I wont get tired
No I never never never
Never never get tired to rock

Give me bass slaps and guitar licks
Give me party with cats and chicks
Give me drum rolls give me some beer
Let me sweat all over here

Give me boogie and give me swing
Give me every rocking thing
Give me ska give me punk
Give me hardcore if you have some

Old-way rockabilly rocks me hard
Wild wild psychobilly wrecks my butt
Give it fast or give it slow
Something new or something old
Something new and something old