Timid Guy

Strolling down big city streets
In the broad day light
Dream to take a walk like this
With the girl I like
But girls are always passing by
Yeah, all them are passing by
And I cannot talk, I cannot joke
I cannot force a smile
Cause Im a timid guy...

Well, Im no ugly, Im no fool
But I believe Im cursed
Dont know how to start with girls
And what to tell them first
If I could get the girl of mine
I would treat her right
Id give all my love and tenderness
Every day and night
But Im a timid guy...

And as the night is coming down
I leave my house again
Bursting with desire
Baby, youve got to understand
When I meet you in the dark street
And grab you in my arms
I only need somebody to love
So baby, dont cry loud, please, dont cry
Im just a timid guy...

They say that Im a maniac
They say that its a crime
They say that Im a monster
But Im just a timid guy.