Now I see my body lying dead
With a trace of bullet throuth my head
No more bleeding, no more breath
Now my face is a mask of death
But Im still near
Is it good or bad?

All I ever have done were mortal sins
Whisky, women, blood and all those things
Fiends from hell must come for me
But theres no one else around
I am left alone
Whats wrong?

Im dead but not gone...
Im dead but not gone...
Im dead but not gone...
Im a ghost!

Nothing stops me I can walk where I like
I can go through walls and I can fly
No one sees me, no one hears
No one feels that Im near
Now Im gonna find
My killer.

Found that man but my revenge has failed
I cant even scratch him with my nail
Im less dangerous than the air
Im here but Im just nowhere
To my killer I can do
No harm.

God or Satan you must let me out
Im surrounded with indifferent crowd
Its a kind of prison cell
I am in my personal hell
My soul is lost in the world
Of alive.