The Nails

Stop your crying I dont need you tears
Ive been living for long long years
Sick and tired of live thats why Im dead
Wooden suit youve made for me
Suits me good and Im peacefully
Lying here, so dont be so upset.

You may bury me today
You may put me to the grave
But dont hammer in the nails
To my coffin.

Nails are a very useful thing
Nail them just to everything
To everything but not to coffin of mine
Build a house or built a boat
Nail your boots cause they are old
Simply use your nails the way thats right.

Only thing that left to say
If youll somehow see my face
Right behind your window late at night
Do not scream and dont be scared
There will be no harm in that
If Ill come to see you one moonlit night.