He was in the accident and he had just died
Doctors done impossible and brought him back to life
Made his heart to beat again made his lungs to breath
Now he looks like never have been in the arms of death.

Does anybody know what’s on his mind right now
A man he was before must be lying six foot down
He saw the face of death that’s what not often people see
Is he man or monster after NDE?!

He said he flew through tunnel towards divine bright light
He said he saw the angels but all that may be lie
You see the same old body you see the same old face
But has the same old soul come frome mysterious state of death.

Near death experience...
Is he the same man or zombie of death?

Zombie of the darkness, slave of evil force
Agent of the devil, demon in the corpse
Hope that I am wrong, but maybe I am right
And maybe maniac killer gonna visit you tonight.

Рекламне оголошення