Standing for a Chance

Waited too long to wake from this dream
Desired something more than just
Living to die, to do something bigger
To make something out of my life

This isn’t the way it’s meant to be
I’m not a liar
I’m just a casualty
Falling to climb even higher

What’s wrong? With me or the whole fucking world
Am I just restarted, or deff, or am I blind, on my own?
Or I live in a world of my own...

Outnumbered again, out of the stream
Deff to the sound of lying scream
You lose your step and you fail again
But never let go of the chance...

Forget all the smiles you saw on their face
Forget all you heard for now on you are deff
You are the fucking denial
Falling to climb even higher

Рекламне оголошення